Standard Services
Step1: Appearance Inspection
Step2: Size and Specification Inspection
Step3: Cargo Packing Condition Inspection
Step4: Submit Inspection Report

 Additional Services
Loading Supervision Factory Audit Inspection During Production
 High Client Satisfaction
Due to our professional deep understanding of stone products and superior customer services, clients from more than 20 countries have chosen ChinaStoneQC. So far, we are maintaining the 98% high client satisfaction.
 Professional Team Guarantee the High-quality Services
To make sure the clients get the best...
  China Stone Qc was born out of a passion of being one of the leading third party quality &Engineering services company, and aim to provide one-stop technical services to global buyers, retailers as well as their suppliers in China. Enjoying enthusiastic teams of highly qualified and experienced professionals, We are able to offer you a full range of
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